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Mount Kigali Fm/Mont Kigali FM it a radio that connects Rwandan Youth around the world that brings together Rwandan Youths inside Rwanda, In diaspora, and in Exile. Together we can make a better future because we are the future of Rwanda, without discrimination

Radio Mont Kigali

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Mount Kigali Fm/Mont Kigali Fm ni Radio ihuza urubyiruko rw’abanyarwanda bari mu Rwanda, abari hanze yarwo, hamwe n’urubyiruko ruri mu buhungiro. Iyi Radio n’urubuga duhuriraho twese nk’urubyiruko Rwanda rw’ejo nta vangura.

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Will Our Children Live In A Democratic Society?


Rwanda has hardly ever existed without a dictatorship that ends in violence. Post-independence is indicative of this tragedy. The Gergoire Kayibanda regime was overthrown by General Juvénal Habyarimana in 1973. Most members of Kayibanda government were systematically killed by the new regime. Since then the army has been the most powerful force in Rwandan political life.

Habyarimana power grab via a coup d’état can therefore be said to have set a future course in which authoritarian rulers build a façade of legitimacy—to obscure the true nature of dictatorship. The civil war in 1990-1994, the violent end of Habyarimana and his regime and genocide in 1994 ushered in a new dictatorship led by General Paul Kagame. The 2003 constitution written under Kagame supervision grants him absolutist powers which he uses to rule Rwanda with an iron-fist. Genuine opposition is either in prison, killed or in exile. Today’s iron-fisted rule makes Habyarimana’s dictatorship seem like a democratic dispensation. Is Rwanda doomed to remain a dictatorship? We don’t think so. Rwandans like other peoples demand and deserve democracy whose key characteristics include free and fair elections and the impartial enforcement of laws.

Most Rwandans would no doubt like to see Rwanda emerge someday as a prosperous, and democratic republic. To be sure, the near-term future looks unpromising. The things required for genuine and broad-based development—rule of law, a well-regulated financial system, transparency of wealth, a strong commitment to science and education—are in short supply. Even much of private sector activities are controlled by ruling elite, the Rwandan Patriotic Front. But we cannot accept the notion that the current state is a permanent one where a nation of 12 million people will continue to suffer forever….

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