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Twagiramungu Faustin

Faustin Twagiramungu was born in Rwanda Cyangugu province.He was prime minister from 1994 until his resignation in 1995, the first head of government appointed after the Rwandese Patriotic Front captured Kigali. He then exiled himself to Belgium. Twagiramungu Faustin stood as an independent candidate in the Rwandan presidential election of 2003. Running on a platform of full employment, regional security, and progressive taxation.He attended university in Quebec, Canada, during the 1960s, during which time he met René Lévesque.

President of the Coalition of Parties for Change in Rwanda CPC

Aconsultation meeting of Rwandan opposition political parties was held for the thirdtime in Brussels, on March the 1 st , 2014. The meeting established aformal framework for collaboration, able to work effectively for thelong-awaited political change in Rwanda.

Followingpolitical parties were present at the meeting:

1. UnitedDemocratic forces(FDU- Inkingi ) ;
2. ForcesDemocratic of Liberation of Rwanda (FDLR);
3. DemocraticPeople’s Pact ( PDP- Imanzi );
4. Partyfor Democracy in Rwanda ( PDR- Ihumure );
5. SocialParty ( PS- Imberakuri );
6. RwandanDream Initiative (RDI – Rwiza Rwanda) ;
7. RwandanDemocratic Union (UDR).

As areminder, the FDLR and PS- Imberakuri parties are grouped in the FCLR – Ubumwe(Common Front for the Liberation of Rwanda).

At thebeginning of the meeting, all participants responded positively to theinitiative of the UDR (Rwandan Democratic Union) the party that had came outwith the a proposal of establishing a coalition of Rwandan opposition parties duringthe meeting of the 1 st of February 2014.

Afterreviewing the report of the steering committee established on the 15 th February2014 in order to establish a formal framework for collaboration betweenRwandans opposition political parties, the meeting decided the followings:

1. ThePresent parties unanimously reaffirmed the urgent need for close collaborationbetween the Rwandan political opposition in accordance of the project initiallylaunched on the 1st February 2014. They also noted with great satisfaction theenormous hope raised in the Rwandan people about this initiative and its nobleobjectives, which it wishes to achieve successful results.

2. Threepolitical parties, namely the FDU- Inkingi, the PDP- Imanzi and PDR- Ihumureexpressed their concerns regarding their immediate adhesion into an the newcollaboration framework bringing together political opposition parties. Theyeach mentioned some prerequisites they wish to be satisfied prior they couldjoin the new new structure.

However,the three parties have clearly emphasized that they fully support the proposedcoalition of Rwandan political opposition parties. Thesethree political parties were requested to contribute to solutions, which willhelp them to contribute to the ongoing talks until conditions of theirparticipation in the new coalition structure are met.

3. Thefour other political parties considered that the time was suitable for theestablishment of a formal framework for collaboration. They took action bycreating a structure called Coalition of Rwandans Political Parties for Change,(CPC). They also expressed their gratitude to the parties FDU, PDR and PDP fortheir continued efforts in looking for solution to the many problems that thepeople of Rwanda face. They also stressed that the doors of the Coalitionremained open while waiting for their entry into the new structure, the threeparties would soon be informed of the terms of their continued collaborationwith their partners now grouped within the CPC.

4. Structureand Management within the CPC

v President: RDI – Rwanda Rwiza
v First Vice -President: FCLR -Ubumwe
v Second Vice -President: UDR
v General Secretary: FCLR – Ubumwe

Themanagement team will be supported by the following committees in which thefollowing relevant fields:

v Politics: FCLR – Ubumwe
v Finance: RDI – Rwanda Rwiza
v Defence: FCLR – Ubumwe
v External Relations: UDR
v The Coalition will also be a spokesperson from the ranks of FCLR – Ubumwe.

Themeeting welcomed the election of Mr Twagiramungu as President of the CPC. Othernames of other management team will be made public along with the politicalprogram of the Coalition at the press conference in Brussels on 19 March 2014.

Done atBrussels, 1 March 2014

For FCLR- Ubumwe : Victor Byiringiro
For RDI- Rwanda Rwiza : Faustin Twagiramungu
For UDR:Dr Paulin Murayi.

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