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The present document responds to many requests we received from fellow Rwandan citizens following our call dated August 10, 2010. It is obvious many people have welcomed this invitation to support the new political trend termed “Rwandan Dream Initiative” and they want to learn more on the content of this revolutionary principle, especially as regards its objectives.
Some have even shown their burning desire to join right away this initiative which they described as salutary in these times of crisis where Rwanda is in dire need of competent and experienced leadership, capable of imparting a new impetus to the process of the long awaited political change, and put an end to the dictatorial regime of President Paul Kagame and his Rwandan Patriotic Front (RPF).
Others have expressed highly constructive opinions and considerations with the hope that an organizational structure is quickly set up to effectively channel all ideas and actions aimed at speeding up our political struggle against the bloody regime that reigns in Rwanda since July 1994.
It has therefore been necessary to meet common expectations of Rwandans, indicating in these few pages our vision of the “Rwandan Dream “, based on the values of freedom, truth and justice as main axes. This is a dream of united citizens, determined to live in harmony within their small and beautiful country. Its fulfilment will provide a great boon to the people of Rwanda, whose pride will then be regained along with dignity and especially fundamental rights that have been trodden underfoot for more than 15 years by an antifreedom and criminal regime.
Furthermore, the present document is accompanied by a declaration to which all those who share this vision of a new Rwanda and who are determined to work towards its implementation will adhere, as part of a political platform called the Rwandan Dream Initiative (abbreviated RDI, or “Initiative du Rêve rwandais” in French; and “Umugambi Rwanda Rwiza” in Kinyarwanda).

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We are bringing Rwandans together from different beliefs and backgrounds, from all across the world, to build a better Rwanda and to build a party that reflect our values and dreams. We cannot do this without the incredible support and energy of our Members right across the world and in rwanda. We greatly appreciate your support and interest in getting involved.

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