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  • INTEGRITY: All the members of RDI-Rwanda Rwiza acts according to their values and principles. We believe that truth should be one main principal so that the highest standards of conduct are considered as we engage in responsible representation of Rwandan.
  • DIGNITY: We believe that every Rwandan has the right to be heard and represented in a democratic society. We recognize that the dignity of each individual is the cardinal principle of a democratic society. We believe in the Truth, Justice, Liberty, responsibility, and freedom of the individual, in a respectful society.
  • COMPASSION: We are realistic optimists who believe in peace and living with our neighbors both is great lakes of Africa and internationally. We enjoy the diversity and we are always committed to the pursuit of equality of opportunity for all Rwandans and in the unlimited potential of the human spirit. We believe that it is important to provide fair and equitable treatment to all.
  • RESPONSIBILITY: RDI-Rwanda Rwiza believes in long-term vision is important for a sustainable society at home and abroad. We believe that social, economic ,environmental and reconciliation issues are intercon-nected and that society is strengthened when we take action on all Four.
  • REASON: We believe in making decisions based on facts, truth and evidence. We rely on legitimate research and expertise to make rational and informed decisions in order to provide Rwandans with a responsible and responsive government that addresses their needs.

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We are bringing Rwandans together from different beliefs and backgrounds, from all across the world, to build a better Rwanda and to build a party that reflect our values and dreams. We cannot do this without the incredible support and energy of our Members right across the world and in rwanda. We greatly appreciate your support and interest in getting involved.

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