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    RDI-Rwanda Rwiza Manifesto
    The present document responds to many requests we received from fellow Rwandan citizens following our call dated August...
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    RDI Rwanda Rwiza
    We believe that every Rwandan has the right to be heard and represented in a democratic society. We...
  • Our Mission

    RDI-Rwanda Rwiza
    The Rwandan Dream Initiatives Party of Rwanda is an association of members and supporters who share a...
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    Volunteer at RDI-Rwanda Rwiza
    We are bringing Rwandans together from different beliefs and backgrounds, from all across the world, to build a...


Fellow Rwandans, Friends of Rwanda,

Thank you for your visit to RDI-Rwanda Rwiza Website. I wish you the warmest welcome to this new patriotic perspective launched in August 2010 under the name of "The Rwandan Dream Initiative." Indeed, at that time President Paul Kagame unscrupulously offered himself a second 7 year term through an electoral mascarade after committing serious crimes including persecution, imprisonment and even murder against his political rivals and independent journalists. In addition to other facts politically unacceptable and morally shameful, the August 2010 sham election undoubtedly confirmed that the Rwandan

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